Thursday, 4 March 2021

How to get highscore in the Eczetris version of a classic falling blocks game

The most important factor when aiming for high scores is to understand that the points awarded are increased exponentially as a function of the number of rows that are cleared simultaneously. The ultimate goal should be to always clear 4 lines at a time. The only reason not to do this is if it's required for staying alive.

The speed in the game increases linearly, this means that it is easier to get a lot of points in the beginning of the game where you have time to figure out the optimal position of each piece. Don't waste this time, when you have decided where to put your piece, then do use the direct drop mechanism so you can start to work on the next piece. There are also some bonus points awarded for each row the piece is throttled to the ground.

The only way to clear four rows at a time is to create a vertical channel four lines high where the I-piece will fit perfectly upright. Try to create this channel directly at either side of the playfield, this leaves as much playable area as possible to position the intermediate falling blocks.

Do not create holes in the playfield. If it happens anyway due to accident or by lack of other possibilities, then cancel all other agendas of yours and focus all power on removing the hole. This is usually beneficial in the end.

When deciding where to put the falling piece, try to keep the top of the playfield as even as possible and avoid long slopes or deep holes.

When deciding where to put the falling piece, make sure that you can position the next piece as given in the preview before deciding the position of the current piece.

Ensure that you have set up the keyboard input configuration in a way that suits you. If you are successful in the game, you could be playing for more than half an hour. Then it is important not to get a cramp in your palm wrists just before you were about to beat that high score you have been longing for.

Thats it folks, Good luck!