Sunday, July 24, 2016

Magnus Eriksson

The collection of pages you can find here are mostly demonstrations of different web technologies that I wanted to play around with for fun. Everything is written in Classic ASP and mostly rely on different XML formats for the source data which is then processed in different ways e.g. through XSLT.

If you like Tetris style games then you can take a look at my clone called Eczetris that is also available for free here.


2008-12-14 - HTML 5

All pages are now validating against the latest draft version of the HTML 5 specification. It is still the case that the most widely used user agent does not support XHTML so I am using content negotiation and serve the HTML serialisation of HTML 5 to user agents that does not claim to support application/xhtml+xml and serve the XML serialisation of HTML 5 to user agents that do support XML versions of HTML.

2005-08-01 - New programmatic design of

During the last couple of weeks, the website has been completely redesigned to make it XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. This means that the table based design is replaced with a more modern CSS layout where all layout elements are extracted to a separate file and the HTML is updated to adhere to the stricter syntax rules of an XML application. The XHTML is still served as text/html according to the XHTML 1.0 Appendix C recommendations though since not many web browsers are capable of rendering true XHTML yet.

The benefit with this change is that it makes the website more manageable, more accessible and faster to download. It is also a commitment towards the future standard based web.

2005-04-20 - The final version (v1.6) of Eczetris is released

The final version of Eczetris can now be downloaded from the Eczetris pages. Eczetris is a Tetris clone in a small form factor. The download is only 186kb and requires no installation process. The Eczetris pages features an online highscore table to which users can upload their top-scores.